Our Process
Trust. Your home purchase represents one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. It goes without saying that you want full confidence in your builder’s integrity and ability. At Cornerstone we value our customer relationships and we’ve designed a disciplined seven-step process to ensure you know what to expect from us and how much it will cost before you ever sign a construction contract. We call it our "Process for Success" and it is a process that establishes trust long before the shovel hits the dirt.
Step 1: Capturing the vision
From the moment you started dreaming about a new home, you began formulating ideas about what you want and how you want to live in your new home. Capturing your vision is our passion at Cornerstone. We thrive on designing the perfect home that is distinctly you. Yes, sometimes we start with a good floor plan, but for most of our clients, the work starts with a vision and a blank sheet of paper.
Step 2: Pulling it all together
Once we have an ideal floor plan, there are hundreds of factors that ultimately define your home. Site selection and preparation, interior finishes, exterior finishes, financing, etc. Wading through the myriad of choices can seem daunting; but that is where our team’s experience will make all the difference. You can count on us to be with you every step of the way, representing you and your goals.
Step 3: Digital Groundbreaking
Let’s face it. Visualizing your future home from a blueprint is difficult. That is why we go the extra mile to provide you with a large screen virtual tour of your home at this stage. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D technology to experience the home’s flow, visualize design details, and avoid “I wish I would have…” choices, helps us perfect the home that is distinctly yours.
Step 4: The Proposal
In custom home building, there is no magical formula for a price per square foot. Every dollar is determined by your site selection and the finish details you desire. Lumber, concrete, shingles…the cost of materials is roughly the same among all builders in Tippecanoe County. So if material costs are the same, why do quotes between builders vary by as much as twenty to thirty percent? Quite honestly, it’s determined by how precisely their bid matches your wants and needs. That’s why we work so hard early in the process to identify exactly what you expect in your new home. Our commitment to honesty, accuracy, and integrity in our proposal eliminates the surprise factor at the closing table.
Step 5: Finalizing the contract
We’ve listened to you and identified all the features you want in your new home. Our detailed proposal will provide complete, honest, and accurate pricing; including those infamous “hidden costs” many other builders omit. It’s here we are able to balance your plan and budget so you know your construction contract includes everything you need and expect. With our contract, you are assured you have the home you want, a price you’re willing to pay, and a builder you can trust.
Step 6: Construction
After one final detailed pre-construction meeting, we’re ready to break ground. During construction, you’ll develop a close relationship with your site superintendent. Through frequent communication and onsite meetings you’ll remain abreast of the construction of your new home and get to know the people involved in making it all happen.
Step 7: Quality Assurance
With the final checklists complete to your satisfaction, you’re almost ready to move in to your beautiful custom home. Before we hand over the keys, we’ll take you on a room-by-room tour to demonstrate the quality features and operating procedures of your home as we explain our service procedures. We’ll follow up with a walkthrough at sixty days and one year to ensure your continued satisfaction. It’s all part of our commitment to provide the quality and service you expect for such a significant investment.
Our Results